Repressive Tolerance: decoding the hypocrisy of the radical left

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been shocked by the brazen hypocrisy of the radical left and their anti-free-speech policies. MSM and Big Tech ignore the endless violence by Antifa and BLM while demonizing or canceling anything done by the right and even unw0ke liberals, labeling them an existential threat to democracy. As it turns out, those who control this narrative are following the playbook of one man—Herbert Marcuse.

We’ve witnessed an almost pathological hatred and fixation on former President Trump, the framing of what happened at the Capitol Building on January 6th as the “greatest insurrection since the Civil War” while actual incendiary comments by Maxine Waters, the endless violent riots in Portland and other cities, citizens being relently bullied and attacked by Antifa and BLM, are totally suppressed and ignored.

According to James Lindsey, there’s a very good reason for this insane double-standard:

“The logic of the left today is overwhelmingly rooted in a single essay published in 1965 by the neo-Marxist philosopher Herbert Marcuse. That essay is “Repressive Tolerance.” The thesis statement of this essay can be boiled down to “movements from the left must be extended tolerance, even when they are violent, while movements from the right must not be tolerated, including suppressing them by violence.” This asymmetric ethic has been the heart and soul of left politics in the West since the 1960s, and we’re living in the fruit of that catastrophe now.” (from a four-part podcast here*)

Here’s Marcuse’s own words from this essay:

“Liberating tolerance, then, would mean intolerance against movements from the Right and toleration of movements from the Left.” (Marcuse, “Repressive Tolerance”, 1965)

Herbert Marcuse (1898 –1979) was a German-American philosopher, sociologist, and political theorist, associated with the Frankfurt School of critical theory.”

“In the 1960s and the 1970s he became known as the preeminent theorist of the New Left and the student movements of West Germany, France, and the United States; some consider him “the Father of the New Left”.” (Wikipedia)

Here’s a short video clip that explains Marcuse’s “Repressive Tolerance”:

I mentioned Marcuse as one of the forefathers of today’s radical leftist movement—identity politics, CRT, cancel culture, along with Antifa and BLM—in my post, “The Cynical Theories of the Left.”

What we must also understand about Marcuse is that he advocated the overthrow of Western culture, with violence, if necessary. It was Marcuse who inspired violent riots in the 1960s around the world. This is from American Patriot Newsletter:

“Marcuse influenced a whole generation of young radicals, from Weather Underground co-founder Bill Ayers to Yippie activist Abbie Hoffman to Tom Hayden, president of the activist group Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). Angela Davis, who later joined the Black Panthers and also ran for vice president on the Communist Party ticket, was a student of Marcuse and also one of his proteges. It was Marcuse, Davis said, who “taught me that it was possible to be an academic, an activist, a scholar, and a revolutionary.”

“Marcuse egged on the activists of the 1960s to seize buildings and overthrow the hierarchy of the university, as a kind of first step to fomenting socialist revolution in America. “*

The more I learn about Marcuse, the more I see his evil idealogy as the actual existential threat to democracy. Especially, considering the significant influence he’s had on American Universities over the last 6o years, and now in the mainstream.

These are the new thought police who will only allow you to think a certain way. This denial of freedom is at the heart of repressive tolerance. As Peter Boghossian said, the battlelines are now drawn between those who believe in liberty versus those who don’t.

What we’re witnessing with today’s cancel culture from the Mainstream Media, Big Tech, and the political left is simply the execution of Marcuse’s Repressive Tolerance which, again, is the total suppression of anything from the right or center (including traditional liberalism) while pushing the leftist woke narrative.

This is what makes this movement exceedingly intolerant and repressive. It’s also why this ideological cancer must be exposed and brought into the light of truth so that people can see it for what it is and not be duped by its Orwellian doublespeak.

* All emphasis added.

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God's favorite (and so are you), a son and a father, happily married to the same beautiful woman for 41 years. We have three incredible adult children. My passion is pursuing the Father's heart in Christ and giving it away to others. My favorite pastime is being iconoclastic and trailblazing the depths of God's grace. I'm also senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in Wisconsin.
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42 Responses to Repressive Tolerance: decoding the hypocrisy of the radical left

  1. christinewjc says:

    Reblogged this on Talk Wisdom and commented:
    Wow! Mel’s excellent post describes exactly what the so-called “woke” crowd is actually all about. He identifies who the evil man that started it all was, and how the infiltration of Marxists unfortunately duped many our (now adult) children via the takeover through such thought in the universities. Thanks for this valuable information, Mel! I pray that those caught up in such negative, sad, repressive, and evil ideology will one day be awakened to the way, the Truth, and the life – Jesus Christ!

  2. Interesting stuff, Mel! “Cognitive liberty” is a great term. I’m grateful we’re talking about this stuff! Here were I live we have the unwritten “no politics in church” rule, or at school, or really anywhere at all. What that really means is that we are far left and fully engaged in repressive intolerance. I realize politics and church can be a sticky wicket, but for example this guy in the next town over got arrested for removing a pride flag from a church. The ensuing discussion was all about his alleged crime of trying to bring politics into a completely non political church.

    So young people have little or no experience and they’ve just been swimming in this stuff their whole lives. That is how someone wearing a che guevara shirt with BLM stickers all over their car can tell you, with no guile at all, that they don’t do politics.

    • Mel Wild says:

      It is crazy how ignorant young people are to how totally indoctrinated they are in this insane ideology. It is quite like fish in a fishbowl not seeing the water. This is why it has to be exposed, over and over again, until people actually see it for what it is.

      Every single American should read Orwell’s 1984 and then compare that dystopian nightmare to the crazy doublethink going on right now. Sadly, as you said, many churches are playing into this repressive tolerance game, too, all in the name of being “non-political.” What insane irony! So, now it makes sense to accuse someone of bringing politics into the church when he removes a highly politicized flag. To quote Scrooge, I’ll just retire to bedlam 😛

  3. Tricia says:

    Ooh, really good post Mel! It’s funny because I rarely think about the root causes of all the craziness going on today so it was interesting to learn about what our cultural Marxist moment initiated from and who powered the ideas. Repressive tolerance is an apt phrase too, very chilling.

    • Mel Wild says:

      It is chilling. And it just proves that these people are not progressive, they’re very much repressive. And why would we think such intolerant people would bring about some utopian world. It would be a repressive nightmare!

      The best way to fight this kind of tyranny is to first understand its roots. Furthermore, when you understand their playbook, you know how to respond to the nonsense used in its defense.

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  5. BA says:

    Arguments should be evaluated on their merits. And we should always look to ask ourselves and others, “who benefits?” Whenever a society is further fractured and divided, the powers that be at the top rest easy. Our corporate controlled corrupt government and the billionaire class that owns them are the beneficiaries.

    The masses must remain divided and conquered by any means. Whether it be identity politics or the Republicans versus Democrats charade, whatever gets the job done.

    Overhauling the criminal justice system seems to be overdue. Same goes for the hiring policies and qualified immunity and iron strong union of cops. Make it so bad cops are easily fired and not to go and be re-hired in the next town.

    So much of it is class politics yet people on the lower ends no longer vote by class. If the middle and lower classes would band together and vote out any crooked, owned politician and get corporate money out of our government, perhaps in some decades down the line there’ll be a better, more fairer, political and economic system.

    Republicans harp on abortion and yet create the conditions whereby young, unwed, pregnant girls are feeling as though their lives are over if they don’t get the abortion. Make it so women and girls are supported, have free healthcare, know they’ll have housing, diapers, and childcare, and they won’t feel so desperate and forced into getting an unwanted abortion.

    I think racism is still needing to be fought against and actively combatted. Lots of whites act as though racism is long ago, white supremacy is a thing of the past and yet look at the Confederate flags being flown in the Jan. 6 Capitol protest/riot. I’m glad BLM protests caused the Mississippi flag to be redesigned to no longer feature the Confederate flag in it. I’m glad Confederate statues fell and were toppled. Do you see Nazi statues is Germany? “Heritage” and all? No. No, no, no.

    Big Tech, just like the corporate owned media (what is it? 5 major media corporations or something?) isn’t fair or tolerant. They have their own agenda. Just look at how easily gender-critical feminists are permanently banned from social media platforms and discussion criticizing and pointing out the harms of gender-identity (self-identity laws and policies) is shut down, deleted, etc. Same goes for women concerned for women’s rights are easily banned, doxxed, vilified. Yet massive amounts of depraved porn, woman-hating channels and platforms remain up and running. Reddit, for example, took down the gender-critical section, yet there is all sorts of woman-hating, and depraved pornography up on it’s site. And if TRAs want to talk about their diaper-fetish, furry-fetish, or anything else, such as pretending to be a 5-year-old girl (despite being a middle aged man) such is applauded and tolerated, with criticism seen as intolerance and hate-crime status.

    The world is crap. Most people are not Christians. Is it any wonder that society is so awful? Many, if not most, of the professing Christians of today aren’t actual Christians.

    Either way anyone picks at it, we’re doomed. Society isn’t going to be reformed in a better way. Take out this or that movement and still our society is wrecked. If anything truly threatened those in power, it’d be shut down.

    What matters is the state of our souls and whether we belong to God. Everything else flows from there.

    • Mel Wild says:

      Thanks for your comments, BA. I would mostly agree with everything you said. Especially, about the state of our souls. My point (in all of these posts) is that neo-Marxism is a terrible answer to these issues. It only makes the problem far worse. To your points, this is what gives CRT and the SJW movement so much traction. There’s a kernel of truth in their accusations. But rather than reform these organizations, as you have suggested, their ultimate goal to totally overthrow our form of government and culture for a Marxist one. And Marxism, and all of its offshoots, is anti-Christ, by definition.

      Most big corporations and Wall Street actually thrive on oppressive government control, because it forces out any competition from small businesses. The pandemic proved that. That’s why they fought so hard, spending millions, against any populist movement in the last election. The powers that own control almost everything are committed globalist socialists. They want the Great Reset, because it will forever put them in control of everything. These are very evil people (see documentary: “Monopoly: Follow the Money.” It will open your eyes!)

      We can’t make the world become Christian, only Jesus can do that in the end. But we can mitigate against suffering by reforming these things the way Martin Luther King, Jr. did, with Christian values, not Marxist ones. We can fight for a free society where these things can be debated and changed over time. If we allow these neo-Marxist theories to take root in our culture, free debate and freedom itself will be over in this country.

      • BA says:

        I saw your tag of socialism is evil.

        Yet healthcare as a right, an entitlement given to every citizen in the USA would be so much better than the predatory healthcare system we have now.

        Again, pick and choose. Some things are good, others are bad. Pick and choose in anything. Some parts are beneficial, others can be left behind.

        Communism didn’t work out so well for the vast majority of the people, but neither does capitalism benefit most of the people. Capitalism in the USA, late stage capitalism, is but lots of suffering for the majority and lots of hoarded wealth and concentrated power for the very few.

        Liberalism is cancerous. There is a lot to be desired yet with conservatives, too. Trickle-down economics is a scam, the hating of the poor and ‘pull yourself up by your bootstraps’ of Republicans, equating poverty with laziness yet starvation wages are often paid for the most grueling of jobs.

        We can talk and debate and nitpick but none of us have any real power in this world. I’m assuming you are not fabulously wealthy. Nor am I. And money is power and money rules the world. Elites won’t let their grip go. Thankfully, the only real thing that matters and is of supreme importance is one’s soul and getting through this wicked world without losing it to the devil and his children and their schemes.

        Trump seems to be a narcissist. I highly doubt he is a Christian. Why so many church-going folks fell for him is beyond me. I suspect it’s largely a single-issue voting mass, and largely about abortion. But Trump himself as a man, an individual? Puke. He seems quite the creep. How many other presidents have featured themselves in soft porn? Puke. Yet all these Trumpers have Trump fever. With our corporate controlled government, politicians are bought and paid for and nobody gets spots in Congress or the presidency without being bought and paid for to varying degrees.

        Nothing will change. We can only hope to be good in our local communities and support local businesses and do good on a local, smaller scale. That’s about it. There is too much concentrated power as it is. Unless all the lower and middle class bands together and revolts en masse, nothing is going to turn the tide… nothing short of God doing it.

        • Mel Wild says:

          I would agree that nothing is going to be perfect, but whenever government takes over anything, that service becomes ridiculously expensive and almost non-functional. Why should we ever trust goverment to run anything? They have a very lousy track record. Government can’t be trusted to run any part of our society efficiently, even though they already do in many areas, which is why it’s so screwed up.

          You said:
          “With our corporate controlled government, politicians are bought and paid for and nobody gets spots in Congress or the presidency without being bought and paid for to varying degrees.”

          I totally agree, which is why the populist movement is growing in the US, and why people voted for Trump. Whatever you want to say about him (and he has a LOT of faults), he was not in the government’s or big corp’s backpocket like our current POTUS, and every other crony politician we’ve had. He exposed the DC “swamp” for what it is.

          Our current healthcare system is in shambles because of Big Pharma and bad medical laws…all brought to us from government enablement. Obamacare made costs sky-rocket. While our healthcare system is far from perfect, it runs much better than in socialist countries. They send their people here when they need good healthcare.

          While capitalism is not perfect, it at least has its checks and balances through competition and free markets. It’s proven to lift up more people from poverty than any other system.

          Now, government programs are not necessarily the same thing as Socialism. But socialism IS evil, It’s anti-Christ (making the state “god” instead of God), it deincentivises, removes competition and it doesn’t work, even thought it’s been tried, over and over again for the last 150 years. It always ends up destroying the society that fully embraces it—100% of the time. It’s not like we don’t have empircal evidence. That’s why Scandinavian countries had to pull way back on their socialist programs over the last decade. Denmark, for instance, is more free-market than the US, yet those who promote socialism (like Bernie Sanders) point to them as an example to follow! It’s deceptive because it looks compassionate and fair on the surface. But it’s a delusion and toxic to a society in the long run.

        • BA says:

          I appreciate your replies. I only comment about universal healthcare and the socialism is evil tag because when I see conservatives respond to push for universal healthcare they almost invariably claim it is socialism.

          Obviously, I’m not familiar with most of your subject matter. Political science, etc. is over my head. Evidently too dumb and also too beat beat down with basic life to deal with anything lofty like that.

          Thanks for the educative responses. Your writing style has a nice tone to it.

        • BA says:

          Since you mentioned Denmark, if anyone would care to follow Dan Price on Twitter, you’d find this country’s capitalism isn’t that great.

          I just saw a tweet by him saying McDonalds workers in Denmark get
          $22 an hour,
          6 weeks paid vacation,
          a year of paid maternity leave,
          universal healthcare / sick leave

          In the USA, workers get $7.25 and no benefits.

          What does the Big Mac cost in Denmark? 27 cents more.

          And Trump went after ACA. The USA needs universal healthcare, paid maternity leave written into law, and a minimum wage of $24 an hour, STAT!

          Trump is against the average worker. Trump has an alleged track record of not paying contractors, using bankruptcy proceedings to basically commit wage theft, being a grifter, a bully, and bankrupting those small businesses he contracted to work for him, employing undocumented immigrants and then not paying them for their work, and a lot of other things that I’ve read.

          Trump bragged about how he “loves the uneducated” and bragged about his ability to go out and shoot someone dead in broad daylight on 5th avenue and he’d not lose any followers. He appears to be very much a narcissist. My unqualified opinion and speculation on Trump is that he is a malignant narcissist. More like a cult leader than a guy who is actually going to “drain the swamp”.

          Did you see the clip with Trump’s son and his girlfriend, down in the bunker, with music playing, watching the Jan. 6 storming of the Capital? It was a party. And where was Trump when those folks were being arrested and sitting in jail? The election wasn’t stolen. He lied. It’s all about Trump’s ego. Did Trump pardon any of the Jan. 6 folks on his last day in office? No.

        • Mel Wild says:

          Hi BA,
          Sorry, but a lot of your anti-Trump rhetoric is either Twitter propaganda or just plain exaggerations. It’s the constant narrative we get from Big Tech and the Mainstream Media. He was not against the average worker at all. Many unions backed him. He was a populist president, which means he appealed to blue-collar workers and families. And how would he have pardoned anyone from January 6th? He wasn’t in office long enough to do so.

          Again, Trump was considered a populist president (more than a Republican) which is the opposite of the crony politicians in the DC swamp with global interests that only favor the biggest corporations (and themselves). Big Tech and Wall Street voted and spent millions to make sure Trump didn’t get elected because they put America last. They want to benefit from slave labor in places like China and other countries. Trump wanted corporations to come back to America and hire American workers again. So, I think you have some of this backwards. In fact, Biden has already reversed of lot of this and making us more dependent on foreign interests. So, now we’re seeing inflation again, which is like a tax to poor people because everything costs more.

          You said:

          “And Trump went after ACA. The USA needs universal healthcare, paid maternity leave written into law, and a minimum wage of $24 an hour, STAT!”

          That sounds good in theory, but how would we pay for this? You’re talking literally trillions of dollars for a country like ours. $24/hour would immediately drive small businesses under because they can’t afford to pay everyone that much money. Only big corporations like Walmart and Amazon would survive such a law change. It would be disastrous for everyone.

          I don’t know about what you said about working at McDonald’s at Denmark, I would have to check that out and see if that’s actually true. There’s a lot of myths about Scandinavian countries that I wrote about in my post: “The Myth of Nordic Socialism.” But I do know that Denmark’s laws are more free enterprise friendly than the US. Their corporate taxes are lower than in the US, which allows businesses to grow. The reason they can afford social programs is because the corporations do so well, and EVERYONE pays taxes, regardless of income (which is not true in the US). Denmark is also a very small homogeneous country with very strict immigration laws. It’s a LOT easier to pay for something when it’s mostly middle class people in a tiny country. The US is quite a different situation.

          And this gets back to my question from before. Why should we trust the government to run anything? Everything we’ve ever given control over to the government has ended up costing a lot more and not doing what it was supposed to do. We haven’t solved any social problems by pouring money into the government programs. It hasn’t solved poverty problems. In some ways, it’s gotten worse because of the programs.

        • Mel Wild says:

          I forgot to mention about Denmark is that whatever they are paying McDonald’s employees it’s not because of some Federal minimum wage requirement. In fact, no Nordic country has a federal minimum wage law. All wage earnings are negotiated by unions, not the government.

        • BA says:

          Perhaps, make it dependent on the size of the business.

          Require Amazon and Walmart and others to pay their employees a minimum wage of $24 an hour with benefits. It’s shameful that Walmart employees are paid so little they must rely on SNAP to eat. Corporations game the system. They buy politicians and therefore control the government with their wealth. Money is power and thus if progressively taxed at 90 percent beyond a certain point, you won’t have such imbalanced fortunes and unmatched purchasing power of politicians.

          Revise the tax code. Make it progressive. Capital gains tax needs to be raised. Close the loopholes. I think it was during FDR’s time that anything beyond $4 million (in today’s dollars) was taxed at 90 percent. That should be implemented again. Nobody needs to be a billionaire. Nobody needs to be a multi-millionaire, either. I don’t care who you are, you do not need more than a million dollars. No matter what.

          Universal healthcare needs to be implemented. Imagine how healthy our country could be if everyone could seek out medical, dental, vision, hearing and mental healthcare without fear of medical debt, going without groceries or not paying rent or missing a car payment or whatever.

          How do you pay for it? Tax the rich. Make it so nobody has more than $5 million. Garnish the rest. Tax it at 90 percent. It’s deeply immoral to be that wealthy anyhow. Nobody needs $5 million.

          Tax the large corporations. Give greater leeway to small businesses. Progressive taxation.

        • Mel Wild says:

          @ BA.
          There’s a lot you said here that would require a lot more time than I have have to answer properly. Frankly, a lot of your answers sound like AOC’s talking points. I don’t know what Amazon pays their employees but I do know that Walmart starts people at $15.50 per hour with health and retirement benefits where I live. And I believe that’s pretty much the standard accross the country (variations with cost of living in areas). McDonald’s starts at $13.50 with benefits. And these are for unskilled jobs that require no college education. So, raising minimum wage would not affect them.

          On taxing the rich, that’s a great talking point for politicians to get elected but is it a valid way to generate revenue? The top 1% in the US make $500,000 or above. Only a small percentage of those are millionaires and billionaires. Right now, according to the IRS, the top 10% ($150,000 and above) pay 71% of all taxes while earning only 43% of all income. The top 1% make 17% of all income but pay 37% of all taxes. If we wanted to be fair we would have everyone, no matter what their income, pay taxes. That’s actually what the Scandinavian countries do in order to be able to have free healthcare.

          I will also reiterate that the countries we like to point to advocate for more government control, like Denmark and Sweden, have NO minimum wage laws. They have strong unions instead. In fact, over the last decade they have moved away from socialistic forms of government to more open market because paying for everything was bankrupting them. In other words, they have not solved their ecomonic challenges with government control.

          And the more government controls healthcare, the more the quality of the health care suffers because of costs. This is why people often come here for treatment from other countries, which is why I’m saying that looking to the government to solve our problems is not going to solve anything. I do agree that the government can provide incentives to companies to do the right thing. And we need reign in the cost of medicine. One thing Trump did was bring down the cost of pharmaceuticals through fair trade with other countries. I think Biden nixed that because Big Pharma didn’t like the competition and crony politicians like Biden are in Big Pharma’s back pocket.

        • BA says:

          Taxation should be progressive. If you make over $300,000 in any given year, be it through earned wages or stock options appreciating, then tax it at 90 percent.

          Dan Price of Seattle made the decision to pay his workers a minimum salary of $70,000. He said it was a hard decision to make, as it came out of his cut, but it was better to do such.

          Upper management does not need to be paid salaries of $400,000 or more. CEOs do not need to be paid millions of dollars. They don’t provide that much value. Since the greed cannot be controlled through self-discipline, as Dan Price is very much an outlier, then it needs to be legislated.

          Unions have been unfairly villainized here in this country. Thus unions cannot get it done. We do have a minimum wage and we can make it what it needs to be. Otherwise we need to start educating the next generation and this current generation as to the goodness and necessity of unions. No other way will the lower-level workers be not exploited. When people can pay starvation wages, they will. That’s where unions come in.

          I highly doubt your local McDonalds offers its employees a company-paid pension. Nor does it provide 6 weeks of paid vacation each year. Nor does it provide mothers a paid year of maternity leave. Those are real benefits experienced by workers in Denmark. Same with a wage of $22 an hour. See the beauty of unions? And McDonalds can still make money and continue to operate in Denmark. They didn’t go into bankruptcy and cease to exist.

          No business that won’t provide a living wage to its employees should be allowed to exist. And this thing about unskilled work is not right. Can you ring in sales on their computer cash register? I don’t know how to operate one, nor do you. That’s a skill. Working with the public is a skill in itself. Unskilled it is not. Lots of tradespersons similarly don’t have college degrees yet they are very skilled workers. College degrees are overrated.

          Flatten society more. Those at the top or even upper class or upper-middle class aren’t worth that many times more than the average lower class worker. They just aren’t. It’s deeply immoral to be paid so much when the entry-level worker is paid so little. Just look at the CEO to entry-level worker wage ratio nowadays versus 30 or 50 years ago. The ratio has dramatically changed. It is deeply immoral.

          Even if the progressive tax rates I propose only affect the top 1 percent, they have so much wealth it only needs to affect them to be able to fund a systemic change such as universal healthcare. Elizabeth Warren was speaking of funding her proposed free college by taxing the wealthiest 1 percent. I propose 90. It was done in FDR’s time, it could be done again tomorrow if the elites didn’t own the government and thus buy the laws and the tax code and media messaging and propaganda that keeps them insulated, wealthy, and in power.

          Equity is the concept to be applied. Equality is not. Taking $500 from someone who has only $500 and taking $500 also from someone who has $5 billion is not acceptable. Fairness is about what it equitable, not straight equality. You have 5 billion dollars? I’ll take all but $3 million. Similarly, another person has $500 to their name, I’m not taking any from them. The wealthy billionaire is still abundantly wealthy and has way more than the $500 net worth poor person.

          Change the estate taxes. Garnish everything beyond $1 million. You can gift people each $1 million, but you cannot gift anyone more than that without it being subject to a 100 percent tax rate. Generational wealth, such as with Koch and others, will be one generation away from being eliminated or rather disseminated. Bezos can die and gift each of his kids, nephews, nieces, grandchildren, neighbors, gardeners, housekeepers, butlers, etc. $1 million each. Anything beyond that is subject to a 100 percent tax rate. If you don’t want the government to have it, better find some poor people you like and gift it to them.

          $3 million cap applies so the rich don’t simply load each other with $1 million gifts.

          Sure it’s not worked out, but it’s an idea. And really, beyond plotting for the possibility someone might need very expensive medical care, who needs more than $1 million? Or certainly $3 million? Nobody. Most especially when it comes from being exploitative, ruthless, greedy, scheming, scamming, monopolizing, etc.

          Just like the sweatshops abroad. How does Home Goods provide such cheap items? Allegedly, child labor. How does Walmart provide such cheap goods? Allegedly, sweatshops. How are Apple phones made? Allegedly, sweatshops. They underpay the workers. They’d rather put up suicide nets than fairly and appropriately compensate their workers and provide them with a decent standard of living.

          Are suicide nets put up around Denmark’s McDonalds? No. But allegedly Apple put them up in their manufacturing facilities and their workers’ housing section to keep from having additional negative publicity over worker suicides. Amazon facilities allegedly have suicide netting, too, as one worker suicided after cutting through the ropes.

          Young people often believe that it won’t happen to them. That if they work hard enough, grind hard enough, and sacrifice enough, they’ll rise through the ranks, they’ll succeed in life. Yet disease and disability might just come their way. Misfortunes happen. And then what happens? They are fired. Let go. Little to no security net in place. The gig economy is a scam. Too many people are getting too little.

          Our country’s middle class is growing smaller and smaller. Hollowing out the middle class is bad for the country overall. Do the ruling elites care? No. When the USA crashes and burns, they have homes in other countries, buried bunkers in New Zealand, and $500 million yachts to sail around on.

        • Mel Wild says:

          If you tax wealth at 90% you will eliminate all incentive for them to build wealth (which creates jobs and raises standard of living), and all the creative entreprenuers will move out of the US where there’s a more fair system. All you have to do is look at California. It’s quickly turning into Venezuela with its draconian taxation and anti-business climate. Major companies are moving out of California in droves. They’re actually losing population for the first time in their history. And they only tax their citizens at 46% (one of the highest in US). This once paradise-like state is quickly turning into a dystopian nightmare. The same thing is happening to NYC.

          This is why Socialist systems always fail. They bankrupt themselves by punishing those who produce the wealth to pay for their programs. So, why do we keep thinking this will work? We have over 100 years of failure in about 40-50 different countries to prove that it doesn’t work.

          If someone voluntarily offers to pay high wages to their employees like your guy in Seattle, that’s great. That’s their perogative. They may attract better employees. Hopefully, he can stay in business doing that. That’s free enterprise. But it wasn’t forced on him by draconian governent regulations. Again, everything you’re trying to promote using Scandinavian countries as an example is not valid. Their system was NOT forced on people by the government. That’s a totally false narrative pushed by Marxist politicians like Sanders, AOC, and others.

          You said: “Equity is the concept to be applied. Equality is not.”

          “Equity” is a purely Marxist socialist concept and is an utterly false concept. Equity always punishes incentive and eventually kills a free society. That’s exactly what Mao did to the farmers during the Great Leap Forward. He confiscated the wealth of those farmers who were industrious and frugal with their money. Mao also murdered millions of his own people in order to force his “equity” system on everyone. It’s an deceptively evil system that eventually destroys every society where it’s allowed to flourish.

          The US will only crash and burn if we stay of the current trajectory toward socialism. It is a very foolish and dangerous path we are on. That’s what happens to every country who forces it on its people. It’s totally counter-productive. This would’ve happened to Sweden and Denmark had they not made a course correction away from socialism about a decade ago.

        • BA says:

          Again, FDR taxed at 90 percent, every dollar over $400,000 and in today’s dollars that is $4 million.

          The system will not crash, nor will people stop innovating or functioning if the rich are more appropriately taxed. $4 million is still $4 million. Even with the minimum wage moved to be $24 and hour and that’s what, roughly $50,000, it’s still nothing compared to $4 million.

          ProPublica leaked the tax records of Bezos and others. One year, Bezos got money from the government to the tune of a $4,000 tax credit, while being worth billions.

          Estate taxes need to be reformed, too. Bequeath anyone you want a up to $1 million each, but that’s it. Everything not distributed under the $1 million per person is taxed at 90 percent.

          Canada hasn’t crashed and burned due to its universal healthcare. It can be done. Canada hasn’t ceased to exist. We can do it, too. And we’ll pay for it by taxing the ultra-wealthy.

          The leaked tax records of Bezos and others showed they paid around 1 percent. That’s it. We need to get everyone who can run for office into power and to shift things so new laws and new tax codes can be written.

        • Mel Wild says:

          FDR’s draconian tax rates are always celebrated by progressives, but was it actually true? Yes, the top earners were technically taxed at the 94% rate in 1944, but hardly any of them actually paid that because there were many more deductions and exemptions than there are now. Their effective tax rate was much lower. It’s also ironic that you bring FDR because his socialistic wealth-distribution scheme actually taxed the poor at a higher rate than ever before! This article explains how FDR’s New Deal drastically changed the IRS tax code which effectively raised taxes on the middle class and poor: “FDR’s Forgotten Tax on the Poor.”
          Here’s a quote from the article:

          “This federal income tax base expansion had dramatic consequences that persist to this day. Whereas the pre-war income tax applied to only about 10% of all earners in 1939, this number jumped to 90% by 1946 and has remained there ever since. The bulk of FDR’s income tax policies actually fell not on the wealthy, but rather the middle class and the poor.”

          My point is that the rich have never ever actually paid 90% of their income. The government is not stupid. That would trigger an economic depression like we’ve never experienced before. The government incentivizes the rich because their wealth generation comes from creating jobs and creating better technology and services which increases our standard of living. That’s just basic economics 101. It’s too bad progressives don’t understand economics. The numbers don’t lie.

          Here’s another article proving this point: “Confiscatory Taxes Don’t Increase Equality.”

        • BA says:

          Trickle-down economics has always been a scam. We don’t need to bow to the wealthy in the false fear of no further innovation otherwise. People are going to innovate anyhow. It’s a lie and a scam to believe that progressive taxation will ruin everything. It’s a lie and a scam to believe we need not progressively tax those at the top.

          The wealthy ruling class laughs at the rest of society and laughs about the indoctrination success. Look at the continued belief in Reagonomics. Lies, lies, lies.

          Tax the wealthy. Raise the capital gains tax. Tax estates. Make obscene generational wealth a thing of the past. Tax, tax, tax. Because it’s only taxation that propels most any wealthy person into gifting. Charitable contributions or tax? They choose charity. So tax some more to the point where people stop exploiting their workers so much. If it cannot be achieved through moral imperatives, and it can’t as the very wealthy are deeply immoral, then the stick can be progressive taxation.

          Bezos and his billions. Gates, Buffett. They all have billions. Tax it all. Take away all but $4 million. They are still competitive, ego-driven personalities. They are still going to innovate in order to get their $4 million. None of them will just throw up their hands and spend their lives making sandcastles at the beach because taxation became more progressive. They’ll still do their thing. Gates would have still been interested in computers whether or not progressive taxation was in place. Microsoft would still be born. Gates wouldn’t say, “Oh no, the taxes are too high, screw computers, I’ll spend my life on the beach making subpar sandcastles and scavenging in dumpsters for something to eat.”

          It’s a fake argument. They claim if you tax more, then jobs will go away and we’ll all starve. No, no, no. People still innovate. People still work. Just like universal healthcare. They still have doctors in Canada, doctors didn’t cease to exist. Medical innovations don’t stop happening. People still have egos and dreams of inventing this or that. Experimentation and research and development still occurs.

          Don’t you want to see Pelosi’s $200 million reduced to $4 million? Same with any other wealthy person. They’ll still be angling for power, competing, doing their thing. You’ll just have a fairer, better society. Investment, by taxation, in the country overall and its average citizen, is a good thing.

          Look at third world countries. Flattening and narrowing the gap is important because otherwise you have a vast gulf between the haves and have nots and little in between. It concentrates power all the more and everyone suffers.

        • Mel Wild says:

          Okay, now you’re just parroting the radical left’s socialist talking points. What proof do you have that robbing the rich and taxing people to death ever works? Because taxing billionaires won’t generate enough revenue. You would have to tax EVERYONE, like in the Scandivanian countries. We need sound economics, using actual data, not pie-in-the-sky socialism, promising to give everything free to everyone. That’s just a pipe-dream the left sells to get votes from people who don’t understand economics.

          Yes, we do need to take care of the marginalized, because every free culture develops a disparity between rich and poor, but socialism has never worked for the reasons I’ve already stated, and many more. One of the main reasons is that government has never managed any social program well at all. It ends up being bloated and inefficient.

        • BA says:

          I am not parroting extreme leftist views. I am not advocating for only the rich to pay taxes. Everyone has to pay taxes, with some exceptions of those at the very bottom. Just think if people were making a minimum wage that kept up with inflation, at 24 an hour, they could pay more taxes, too.

          The wealthy aren’t audited. Know who is the most likely to be audited? Someone claiming the earned income tax credit. The poorest.

          Look at the extreme language you used: rob the rich. Taxation is not robbery. It’s dishonest that you frame things like that.

          Progressive taxation means those at the upper levels pay more because they can and have the means to do so. It doesn’t mean nobody else pays, as you claimed. Those who employ thousands or hundreds of thousands or even a million workers are those who benefit the most from taxpayer-provided k-12 education as they don’t have to spend money and time training their workforce to read, write, do math, etc. Why shouldn’t Bezos be taxed more? Same with the other billionaires.

          The wealthy migrate from one state to another because the tax policies allow them to pit states against each other, to everyone’s detriment but the wealthy. The wealthy do this with their multi-million dollar purchases of art, too, where they send it to a residence of theirs in another state which has a lower sales tax rate. So what? Doesn’t mean the higher taxing state is a “nightmare” as you claim. There’s wildfires, climate change, crowding, and other factors at play, too, not merely taxation and nothing else. Taxation is a wonderful thing.

          Just think about this. If taxation was set at 90 percent beyond $4 million, wouldn’t that incentivize a wealthy person who hates paying taxes to not have more than $4 million? How would the tax-hating wealthy person do that? Perhaps pay the workers more. Perhaps pollute less at his factories. Perhaps provide the public with a safer, better product at the same price, which will cut down on the profit margin, but hey avoiding the 90 percent tax rate on every dollar beyond $4 million is what motivates this taxation-hating rich fellow.

          And look what happens. The workforce gets paid better. No more starvation wages. The public has a healthier environment because treating one’s pollution instead of off-placing it onto the general public is selected since rich guy doesn’t want to make over $4 million in any given year. Same with the public getting a better, safer product, for the same price. Since rich guy at the top wants to avoid paying that 90 percent rate, and thus will keep his income capped at $4 million, he’ll also reduce his profit margin by providing a better, safer product at the same price.

          Disincentivizing greed helps everyone out.

          The average US citizen is already taxed aplenty and they don’t get healthcare provided to them by the government. It’s ridiculous. The EU countries laugh at the USA and its system. Claims of “freedom” are so sad and pitiful.

          Freedom to go into bankruptcy from medical debt. Freedom to be worked to death at starvation wages. Freedom to be homeless because illness struck. Freedom to give birth to a child and then worry about not getting back to the office quickly enough to start covering the birth expenses, screw having time to bond with one’s infant or actual breastfeeding. Maternity leave? Paid maternity leave? Freedom! Meanwhile practically every other country has it written into law, but not the USA and its freedom! One bad car accident, one prolonged illness, one injury at work, and you too are FREE to lose your job, housing, etc. and FREELY go live in the streets, being bankrupted and adrift as well. Traumatic childbirth? Sucks to be you! FREELY take yourself out to the street and join the homeless as your job isn’t protected.

          Same thing happens with regulations. If I was a meatpacker and I was greedy and wanted to extract all the money I could, and I had no morals, was a psychopath and a ruthless capitalist, who says I wouldn’t include rancid meat in my deli products? Who cares if the public gets sick? All the other meatpackers are doing it, too, so it’s not like there is anything to stop me. But there is where the government comes in and regulates with laws, penalties, etc.

          If regulations and taxation didn’t happen, it’d be a free-for-all even worse than it is now. Up the regulations. Up the taxation.

          Material realities aren’t changed even when they dazzle you with new code words (like FREEDOM) or new symbols.

          I don’t follow Sanders, AOC, or Pelosi. But don’t listen to millionaires. Especially don’t listen to multi-millionaires. And by all means, never listen to billionaires. They don’t care about you. They don’t want what is best for you. They didn’t get there through claimed hard work, creativity, and innovation alone. They got their through greed, crimes, scheming, conspiring, ruthlessness, exploitation, and more. Psychopathy is rewarded in capitalism.

          How did the rich plantation owners of the South become so wealthy? Slavery. Bondage. Exploitation. Theft. Crimes, immorality, greed, psychopathy, and the government okay’d it. How evil. Capitalism unchecked is evil as can be. Yet we are to believe that something like universal healthcare is the great evil with capitalism being the great good? Hardly. How did the South’s massive slavery end? Was it through small government and little to no regulations? No. Yet, free enterprise and blah, blah, blah is to be so good. Small government. Don’t tread on me. Big government is evil.

          People scurry about and pee in bottles at Amazon’s facilities. Walmart workers are on government benefits in order to live, working and yet reliant on SNAP to eat. You’re going to argue this is great, okay, wonderful? How immoral does one have to be to be running operations of that scale and destroying its employees so Bezos can launch himself into space and have a new custom $500 million yacht made, and own so many multi-million dollar properties around the world and country.

          Something is very, very wrong. Yet according to Republicans, it’s great.

        • Mel Wild says:

          BA, everything you’re saying here IS parroting the radical left’s view, whether you intend to do so or not. These are the same things Bernie Sanders and AOC are advocating. I will just say it succinctly—these ideas DON’T WORK. They never have. And you’ve made a lot of claims without any evidence or actual facts to back it up. I already showed you why the FDR tax plan didn’t work. The problem with progressives is that they don’t understand economics at all and they willfully ignore the evidence. Besides, the tax rate is already progressive. Plus, you don’t seem to understand human nature. No one will actually end up paying 90%. They will put it in tax shelters or leave the country altogether. Robbing the rich to have government programs never works.

          Here’s a brilliant economist, Thomas Sowell, talking about the fallacies and misinformation about taxing the rich. The truth is, lower rates increase revenue. This has been proven several times in history.

        • Mel Wild says:

          If you’re interested in understanding economics, Here’s an article on Thomas Sowell: “The Cruelty of Minimum Wage Laws.”

          There is overwhelming empirical evidence that raising minimum wage does the very opposite of what you think it does. It causes unenployment, and to raise it very high creates massive unemployment. Now, everyone is out of a job and must rely on the government. That’s just economics 101. That’s reality.
          This, again, is why Scandinavian countries have no minimum wage laws. They’re not foolish.

          Here’s a video interview with Thomas Sowell and other economists talking about why the $15/hour minimum wage law that Biden wanted is a bad idea. It’s always been a bad idea. It doesn’t do what you think it does.

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  7. SLIMJIM says:

    If you ask me a few years ago I would have never thought Marcuse, Critical Theory and Critical Race Theory would have been household word…and here we are. What’s taught in the universities when I was in UCLA is now household term. Scary

    • Mel Wild says:

      Yeah, there’s a lot of factors that contribute to it going mainstream. One is social media and another is the pandemic. As the radical left says, never let a crisis go to waste. Hopefully, it will backfire in the long run because they’ve exposed themselves now.

  8. christinewjc says:

    Hello BA,

    I hope that Mel doesn’t mind me sharing the following letter from the mom of Navy Seal Aaron Vaughn. It might help to answer your question re: why so many Christians supported Donald J. Trump for President.

    The Salty Sailor and The Fireman

    The views this mother has about Donald Trump are much like many others. Her characterization of Trump as the “Salty Sailor” or as The Fireman paint an excellent picture!!. She has written many great books about her son and family…This is a comment from KAREN VAUGHN, Mother of Aaron Vaughn, Navy Seal.


    Sometimes God uses the no-nonsense, salty sailor to get the job done. Appreciating what the man is doing doesn’t mean we worship the salty sailor or even desire to be like the salty sailor. It doesn’t even mean God admires the salty sailor. Maybe He just knows he’s necessary for such a time as this.

    I believe with all my heart that God placed that salty sailor in the White House and gave this nation one more chance in November 2016. Donald Trump is what he is. He is still the man he was before the election. And without guilt, I very much admire what that salty sailor is accomplishing.

    He’s not like me. That’s okay with me. I don’t want to be like him. I will never behave like him. I know we’ve NEVER had a man like him lead our nation. It’s crazy and a little mind blowing at times. But I can’t help admire the ability he has to act with his heart rather than a calculated, PC, think tank-screened, carefully edited script. I still believe that is WHY he became our President and WHY he’s been able to handle a landslide of adversity and STILL pass unprecedented amounts of good legislation for our country AND do great works for MANY other nations, including Israel.

    I’m THRILLED with what he’s doing for my nation, for the cause of Christ (whether intentional or unintentional, doesn’t matter to me), and for the concept of rebuilding America and putting her FIRST. I will not be ashamed of my position because others don’t see him through the same lens.

    Should it matter to me if a fireman drops an f-bomb while he’s pulling me from a burning building? Would I really care about what came out of his mouth in those moments? Heck no! I’d CARE about what he was DOING. He wasn’t sent there to save my soul and I’m not looking to him for spiritual guidance. All I’m thinking in those moments is, “Thank you, Jesus, for sending the fireman.”

    I’ll post this article below again for those who still might not understand me. This man is crass. Okay. He’s not careful with what he says. Okay. You feel offended that he’s not a typical statesman. Okay. But he is rebuilding the nation my son died for… the nation I feared was on a fast track to becoming a hopeless cause.

    Forgive me if I’m smiling.” /unquote


    • BA says:

      I’m not clutching my pearls over Trump’s vocabulary.

      I’m sorry for the loss of your son. Thank you for his service. Thank you for his sacrifice.

    • BA says:

      The way Trump mocked the reported with a physical disability and how the crowd cheered stuck with me. The way he treats women and how he objectifies them. The perverted bragging to Howard Stern about how he predatorily barged his way into the changing room of the beauty pageant he owned, so as to see the contestants disrobed and naked.

      How much golfing did he do? How hard did he actually work? Trump is about Trump.

      I wholeheartedly would like to see an alternate candidate for most any position in power, be it Congress or the presidency. The problem is that the best people for such positions don’t have the ego to seek such power in the first place. Those who are best at playing the game and getting into positions of power are usually those who are the least fit to rule.

      Trump was said to be special and not owned by anyone, yet he was born into wealth and has lived his life in extreme privilege. He doesn’t know how most of our citizens live. He seems to have never done his own grocery shopping, so how could someone expect him to understand the lives of the lower and middle classes of this country? The same could be said for much of Congress, with most of them coming from privileged backgrounds, too.

      • Mel Wild says:

        @ BA.
        Sorry, but now you just parroting the left’s talking points and misinformation campaign against Trump by Big Tech and the Mainstream Media. There is so much false narrative out there on Trump it’s hard to know where to beging. I will pick one point you made here.

        While Trump IS bombastic and brash and is very direct (not like the slick politicians), he’s not mean nor did he intentionally mock a disabled reporter like the Fake News media said he did. It’s actually a ridulous accusation when you think about it. Would he be that dumb, as well as insensitive, to knowingly mock someone disabled on national TV? No, and that accusation was debunked a long time ago. It’s been shown that Trump used those same exact mannerisms to describe anybody who went back on what he said.

        Here’s a news article that debunks that criticism. There are many other sources that also debunk this accusation.

        • BA says:

          It surprises me that you, being a pastor, defend Trump.

          Will you be “debunking” the Howard Stern interview with Trump bragging about being a creep and barging his way into the changing room so as to see the contestants changing and/or naked? What a pervert.

          Same with another interview he gave where he bragged about making sure his pre-nups were iron-clad and to not give his wife any actual assets, as well as lamenting how “p-word is expensive”. He has made sure to entrap his wives financially. It’s speculated that his third wife’s delay in going to the White House was really about renegotiating the terms of the pre-nup.

          Calling Rosie O’Donnell a “dog”. Saying how sexy his daughter is and if she wasn’t his daughter, he’d date her. Talking about women as being a “nice piece of ass”. Appearing in soft porn, with the Playboy Mansion and the limo. Adultery with Stormy Daniels while Melania is pregnant with their child. Getting his porn of Stormy Daniels signed by her.

          Being a sexist goon remarking how the reporter must be bleeding somewhere (menstruating). Physically stalking about during the debates with HRC. She didn’t go near him. She didn’t pace about.

          Or the ‘red tape’ Trump says he eliminated as though it is a good thing. Regulations help us all. If there weren’t regulations against pollution, you can bet almost every company would be dumping pollution into waterways, the ground, the air, etc. because it’s cheaper to not be responsible for treating and managing one’s waste. Same thing with the meat industry. If government didn’t regulate, there’d be even more rancid meat, questionable meat, and overall consumer safety would go down. If we didn’t have the government regulating buildings, any number of large buildings could be cheaply built and then it’s only a matter of time before tragedy strikes through the cheaply built skyscraper toppling, or a shoddily-built bridge crumbling, or whatever.

          Do you disbelieve global warming? Is it “fake news”? Trump and his lies of “fake news”.

          Or the racist birtherism claims when he knew them to be false?

          I’d love to see outsiders, non-career politicians, take all of the spots in power, Congress and the Presidency.

          I don’t follow AOC. I don’t know her talking points.

          Luke 6:45 “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh.”

          Trump does not strike me as a Christian, based on his actions and his words. Perhaps it would be better to say that Trump is quite terrible, but it was better than voting for HRC, so therefore we voted for him.

          I suspect the real power is in the local elections, and maybe the state elections. Making sure to support outsider candidates. Making sure to get as many lower class candidates into power. Tip the scales away from the elite. Tip the scales away from the strivers (who seem to forget where they came from and the struggles of their lower or middle class existence once in power or making bank).

          Perhaps become a candidate yourself. Or your wife. Or your adult child. Move more people into politics who’d otherwise not seek such positions. And get the word out to vote for such candidates. Katie Porter is fun to watch when she gets her white board out. But she is only one. Let’s have more people in politics, willing to get out white boards and fight against the elites and their grip.

          Abigail Disney recently spoke about how wealth is an addiction. Let’s find people who shun wealth and get them into power. Because as it currently stands, the wealthy own the government and buy politicians and thus buy laws/legislation favoring them and disfavoring all the rest of us.

        • Mel Wild says:

          I’m not defending Trump’s character per se. I’m defending the truth and not perpetuating Twitter/MSM false narratives. The truth is, MSM and Big Tech had an almost pathological hatred for Trump. The incident you mentioned was just one of many examples of a false narratives I could point out.

          Having said that, I’m not defending Trump’s somewhat sleezy past. But people can change, especially if they find faith. For instance, Biden was a blatant racist back in the 70s and 80s, good friends with former KKK leaders like Sen. Bird. Hopefully, he’s not the racist he was 40-50 years ago. So, we should NOT judge people based on things they did or said decades ago. And we have to be careful with our condemnations. Because then we must apply the same judgmental standard to everyone, not just to the politicians who may agree with us. And there aren’t many of the career politicians who could throw the first stone at Trump.

          Also, I agree wealth is an addiction. But then we must question how these career politicians became millionaires on their salaries. Even Bernie Sanders is a millionaire now. How did Biden become a multi-millionaire on the government dole for the last six decades. At least Trump’s wealth is private, not paid for by our taxes. And Trump suffered financially during his presidency, quite the opposite of the DC swamp , like Pelosi, who’s worth over 200 million dollars, while her district is in shambles with homelessness and crime. It’s a travesty.

          My point is, these career politicians are there for power and wealth, not for the benefit of their constituents. They get rich while pontificating about helping the poor. But they don’t help anyone but themselves. They are worse than the wealthy businessman who builds his business honestly and provides jobs for thousands of people. The DC Swamp are political parasites.

          I also agree with you that local elections are important. We need term limits for US Congress and more regular people becoming candidates. We need to drain the swamp. I don’t care who does it.

        • BA says:

          You made good points. There was a pathological hatred against Trump. And perhaps he is deeply ashamed of his past actions.

          Drain the swamp is excellent. We should all seek to run ourselves, if fit and able, or otherwise support another’s run in whatever election is coming up. Most everyone puts their pants on relatively the same. No need to shy away or be intimidated.

          And brash Trump potentially paved the way for more brash persons seeking power. Silver-tongued, coached, rehearsed folks bother me more as the deception is wrong.

          Housewife, gardener, housekeeper, anyone and everyone should seriously consider running for election. The more common folks in power, the better, so long as they share a commitment to not self-enrich, but rather question everything they do by the “who benefits?” principle and make every decision for the good of the general population. Benefit the least and you’ll make society better overall.

          Good day to you.

        • Mel Wild says:

          I would totally agree with you. I think our hope is in the every day person like the school teacher and parent who ran for representative in Illinois. It’s not in the career crony politicians on both sides of the aisle.

          Blessings to you as well.

  9. SLIMJIM says:

    Thanks for sharing with me your three links on how you wrote up response to the charge that religion poison everything

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