Loving our Samaritans in 2021

In my deep dive on Identity Politics, Critical Race Theory, Cancel Culture, and other neo-Marxist offshoots, I have repeatedly said that the people who embrace these divisive and destructive ideologies are not our enemies. And while I hate these ideologies, I don’t hate the people. And this video interview with Bret Weinstein and Brittany King is evidence of why we need to remember this.

You may not have heard of Bret Weinstein before, but he was a professor at Evergreen State College in the state of Washington. This college has always been one of most liberal campuses in America, but it has increasingly become more radicalized over the last decade or so. In 2017, Weinstein pushed back on a student demand that all white people get off campus for a day because of racism and received a lot of abuse for it, including losing his tenure and position. If you weren’t aware of this, you can watch the backstory here.

Weinstein’s discussion is with former BLM activist, Brittany King. What’s important about this interview is to hear how Brittany totally changed her views about BLM and identity politics.  As she says to Weinstein, in 2017 she would’ve been one of the people in the crowd shouting at him.

Now, as far as I know, Brittany King is not a Christian, nor did she became one after her change of heart. Bret Weinstein, if memory serves me, is an agnostic. But that’s not the point I’m making here. What I want to focus in is understanding the difference between what we assume about people who are on the “other side” of a heated issue, and what’s actually going on inside of them. Here’s the video. It’s worth watching the whole thing.

As Brittany King said in the interview, it was critically thinking about what was happening that basically “broke the spell” for her on BLM’s radical Marxist narrative. I like what Weinstein said about her thinking process: she thinks about something with the evidence, or her experience from the world, and she reasons from it, not the other way around. As I talked about in “Deconstructing the Communist Manifesto,”  critical thinking is the enemy of “wokeness.”

But the reason I’m making you aware of this video is because it tells us something important about people. And about why Christ tells us to love our “enemies.”

The problem is, when we watch soundbites on TV about Antifa and BLM riots, what happened to professor Weinstein, and all the “woke” craziness going on, it’s too easy to assume that all these people are true believers, or that they actually fully understand what they’re doing. But this is not usually the case.

Most people in a crowd are just just acting out on what they’ve been taught and going along with their peers. But there’s a lot of confusion within themselves about it. And while misguided, they are “good” people in the sense that they really think they’re doing something good for society. They have a strong sense of moral justice, which was not too different from the Samaritan woman that Jesus met…or you and me.

This is why it’s important that we understand what Jesus was trying to tell James and John when they wanted Him to call fire down on the “wicked” Samaritans (see Luke 9:54-55).

“The Son of Man did not come to destroy life, but to bring life to the earth.” (Luke 9:55b TPT)

And Jesus’ mission is our mission, even to our “Samaritans.” We are to love others like our heavenly Father loves others.

46 If you love only those people who love you, will God reward you for that? Even tax collectors love their friends. 47 If you greet only your friends, what’s so great about that? Don’t even unbelievers do that? 48 But you must always act like your Father in heaven. (Matt.5:46-48 CEV)

So, in my series, “Loving our Samaritans,” Brittany King could be our woman at the well in 2021. Someone we see on the news, who may appear on the outside, to be against us, but on the inside questioning her own moral compass—her own soul.

The bottom line is, while it’s important that we hold to the truth and push back against dangerous ideologies that are dangerous and anti-Christ in nature, we should never stop loving and praying for the people who embrace them, because they may be closer to the truth than we think.

Even if our gospel message is veiled, it is only veiled to those who are perishing, for their minds have been blinded by the god of this age, leaving them in unbelief. Their blindness keeps them from seeing the dayspring light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the divine image of God. (2 Cor.4:3-4 TPT)

28 All at once, the woman left her water jar and ran off to her village and told everyone, 29 “Come and meet a man at the well who told me everything I’ve ever done! He could be the One we’ve been waiting for. (John 4:28-29 TPT)

32 For if you embrace the truth, it will release true freedom into your lives.” (John 8:32 TPT)


About Mel Wild

God's favorite (and so are you), a son and a father, happily married to the same beautiful woman for 41 years. We have three incredible adult children. My passion is pursuing the Father's heart in Christ and giving it away to others. My favorite pastime is being iconoclastic and trailblazing the depths of God's grace. I'm also senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in Wisconsin.
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9 Responses to Loving our Samaritans in 2021

  1. Good stuff, Mel! My biggest issue is actually just trying to remember that people and circumstances can change, that beliefs are somewhat fluid and can evolve. Critical thinking can flip someone’s entire worldview in a very short period of time. I have evidence of this truth all around me and I’m constantly bearing witness to it, but I still don’t really “believe.” I do when it comes to things like addiction, life issues, sin, but politics, worldviews? My heart is a lot more guarded and less open to the idea than it ought to be. The Samaritan woman and I are great, best buddies, but when it comes to some of these people in power, pharisee and politicians? I’m still hanging out with James and John.

    Here where I live I can name 20 people right off the top of my head who were radical lefties just a few years ago, but are now conservatives, some of them now Christians, even.

    • Mel Wild says:

      I’m with you on that, IB. I also forget that circumstances and ideologies are not the person, and whether it be instant aha-moment revelations or a progressive realization of the truth, people can be changed. It’s too easy to react to the moment and judge people too quickly.

      Now, we DO have to be guarded in the sense of discerning whose hearts are open and whose are not. The pharisees who were trying to kill Jesus were like the radical Antifa “true believers.” Jesus had no grace for them. Yet, even a terrorist like Paul can be converted, although he had to be knocked off his horse with a bolt of lightning and go blind for three days in order to start paying attention. 🙂 That’s why he could say he was the prime example (chief) of the grace of God.

  2. SLIMJIM says:

    That was an incredible video; and good post. Yesterday I was talking on FB with a woke pastor and I think we made some progress with his misunderstanding of the 3/5 Compromise. We must speak graciously and have the door open while also studying to be nuanced

    • Mel Wild says:

      “I think we made some progress with his misunderstanding of the 3/5 Compromise. ”

      It’s sad how woefully ignorant people are about our actual history. And it’s irresponsible the way political leaders make matters worse by race-baiting for their own political ends, like when President Biden calls the new Georgia voting laws the “new Jim Crow,” when it has absolutely nothing to do with Jim Crow, it actually expanded voting access (from before the pandemic), and is more expansive than the voting laws in Biden’s own state. It’s just utter hypocrisy. What happens is that these important historical terms get confused because people aren’t taught history anymore, so they get manipulated by politicians and media.

      You make a good point about being gracious and keeping the door open. When I talk to someone who’s been brainwashed by the radical left, I take it very slow and ask them a lot of questions, so that they can think through what they believe. Any reasonable, thinking person will see the insanity of this stuff if they dig into it. And, if their heart is open, they will find Christ, too!

      • SLIMJIM says:

        Good point about the misrepresentation of the laws in Georgia; so many nasty things and false things are stated by the Left with regards to that…sigh.

    • Mel Wild says:

      Btw, that’s why I’m writing the series on Marxist Socialism in America. I want to educate people about the history of this evil ideology so we understand what it is and know how to fight against it, and help to understand why so many young people are brainwashed by it, and so that they can critically think about what they’re embracing and, hopefully, find the truth and be free from its spell.

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