You and I were made for intimacy (Reprise)

Safe_LoveThis post was originally published in September 2013. Another good reminder for our fast from fear.  I hope you enjoy it but, most of all, that you feel your heavenly Father’s warm embrace.
Recklessly abandoned to Love,

Beloved, you and I were meant for intimacy…to live in the embrace of love and not fear, freedom and not control, affirmed and not rejected, for connection and not distance. We can stuff it, deny it, build walls around it, but we cannot escape our deepest longing for intimacy.

The real tragedy is that we think it’s “normal” not to have it. And when we don’t have intimacy, we must seek out the counterfeits that look like it. But much to our continual disappointment, we discover that they are not. Nevertheless, our soul is insatiably haunted by the “something more” we know in our deepest of hearts is out there.

And that “something more” is the Lover of your soul. He is calling you into real intimacy with Him. And as you learn to take the courage to open your heart of hearts to Him, He will teach you how to truly love and be loved.

Yes, it’s a very risky proposition becoming vulnerable and open with each other, let alone with God. But without taking courage to overcome this fear, without learning how to receive His steady unconditional live-streaming love, we will never truly know intimacy with Him or with others.

Our biggest problem stems from the wounds and hurts we’ve received in this relationally dysfunctional and disconnected world we live in…especially from those who should be loving and protecting us. So we put up our walls and shut down our hearts to intimacy. We make inner vows that we’ll never let anyone hurt us like that again. We put our hearts in our safe prison and throw away the key.

Even so, there is Someone who is relentlessly pursuing you. And He won’t stop! He can’t stop because you’ve captured His heart. He’s your “Beloved,” like in Song of Solomon, “Behold, he stands behind our wall; he is looking through the windows, gazing through the lattice.” (Songs 2:9) He’s standing “behind your wall” right now. Will you unlock the door and let Him into those hurtful places? Will you risk trusting Him with the keys to your heart?

7973163978_c4b5cb89e7_zI realize that all this intimate talk may get a little uncomfortable for you guys. But, as a fellow guy, let me say this to you…intimacy is so much deeper than our sexuality.

And let’s face it. The Bible calls us a bride” too, as females are called “sons.”

Intimacy is not about gender, it’s about relationship. And a “real man” knows how to love openly and doesn’t hide behind his insecurities.

A real man loves His wife intentionally, selflessly and his family openly and generously.  He consistently affirms his children as a good father within that intimate connection of love. To this man, intimacy and vulnerability is a strength; passive indifference is cowardice. He knows how to love and protects other women in his life as if they were his own sister, daughter or mother–with honor and respect. And he raises up his sons to do the same. And that kind of love doesn’t come without knowing and embracing intimacy.

Jesus was a real man and no one loves more intimately than Jesus.

Here’s what I’ve found about risking intimacy. Maybe this will help you take courage here. I’ve found that if I let Him hold my heart, I can give it away to you. You cannot hurt what He is holding. So, don’t be afraid. Let it all go. Give it to Him to hold for you. He is “gentle and lowly of heart.” You can truly find rest in His embrace. (Mt.11:28-30)

Here’s a song from Jonathan David Helser about intimacy from his “Walk Through Walls” album, sung by him and his wife, Melissa. This song touches my soul at a very deep heart level every time I hear it. The lyrics and music are simple but really capture the heart of true worship.

Take five minutes out of your busy and disconnected life. Turn the volume up and jump into your Papa God’s arms and let Him love you. Make the lyrics your anthem of intimacy. Enjoy!

By Jonathan David Helser
© 2008 Helser, Jonathan David (Admin. by Jonathan Helser)

These hands you made to hold yours, my love
These feet you shaped to walk with you in our garden
These eyes you placed to gaze upon your face
These lips you formed to kiss my beloved

I was made, I was made for intimacy

These ears you made to hear your rhythm of love
This voice you placed to sing songs of grace
This hair you wove, you numbered every strand
This gaze you love, it captures you with a glance

Intimacy is what I need, intimacy is calling me.

About Mel Wild

God's favorite (and so are you), a son and a father, happily married to the same beautiful woman for 41 years. We have three incredible adult children. My passion is pursuing the Father's heart in Christ and giving it away to others. My favorite pastime is being iconoclastic and trailblazing the depths of God's grace. I'm also senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in Wisconsin.
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5 Responses to You and I were made for intimacy (Reprise)

  1. Megan Urlaub says:

    I love hearing how much God loves me. Thank You. 😊

  2. dcummuta says:

    To keep our heart open in a broken world is to have faith that God will answer the desires within it. To close it up is giving up hope that He would ever answer those desires. Thanks for shining the light on my heart. I’ve been struggling with this one these days. It might feel safer for me to push out the idea of love but, it actually creates deep agony over time.

    • Mel Wild says:

      Thanks for your honesty, David. The truth is, we all struggle with these things because learning how to be loved by God is so counter-intuitive and not easy to understand. But the problem with not learning how to receive God’s love is that whenever we try to find our desires from other people, careers, pursuits, while those are good, they will never completely satisfy us. We end up on an emotional roller-coaster, setting ourselves up for disappointment and even hopelessness if we go down that path too long. However, when we learn to live in His constant embrace (which takes faith and time) and learn to receive our affirmation from His love, not only do we have a constant supply of love and affirmation, we can freely give it away to others without fear of being hurt or disappointed.

      Of course, we’re not perfect at this, so we can still go through times of struggle, even after knowing how to live in His embrace. But those struggles are a lot shorter because now we know how to quickly get out of them. 🙂

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