My book, Sonshift, released on Kindle this week!

Sonshift_Cover_FlatFinally, after a year of writing and editing, the Kindle version of my new book, Sonshift: Everything Changes in the Father’s Embrace is ready for release!

The Amazon Kindle version should be available by tomorrow (Friday), and the paperback version will be available on Amazon sometime next week. At this point, the book will only be available through Amazon distribution channels.

Here’s the description of the book:

Sonshift is a book about a transformation that takes place when one encounters God as an outrageously loving Father. It’s about a personal journey of discovery that’s not just the author’s but one that’s revolutionizing many sons and daughters in the body of Christ today. This journey changes everything—how we see God and our relationship with Him, how we relate to our family and friends, how we read the Bible, and even the foundations of what we think it means to BE and ACT LIKE a Christian. It’s about a real life lived in the real world, but one that is never lived apart from the Father’s embrace. It’s what you always hoped the Christian life would be!

The book is mainly about my personal journey into the Father’s heart and how that journey has dramatically turned my whole Christian worldview upside-down. I was also blessed to have my friend, Mark Hendrickson, do the Foreword for me.

I elaborate on this shift in ten chapters that are titled as follows:

  • What is Sonshift?
  • Father Shift
  • Disciple Shift
  • Theology Shift
  • Love Shift
  • Identity Shift
  • Grace Shift
  • Faith Shift
  • Heaven Shift
  • Relation Shift

If you’ve been a reader of my blog for awhile you’ll recognize some of the content, but much of it is new material, and having it all together in a systematic flow puts it in a clearer context. I will say this about the book. If you want to get inside my head and know where I’m coming from on the things I share on this blog, this book pretty much explains it! 🙂

I’ve also had some of my other ministry friends give their feedback after reading the book. These excerpts are copied straight from the back cover of the paperback version:

“Get ready for everything to change, everything to shift, everything in YOU to move toward a brand new YOU.” – Bishop Randy Dean, author and pastor

“I honestly believe Sonshift should be required reading for all Christians. This understanding is that important.” – John Cummuta, best-selling author on personal finance/small business

“As I read Mel’s words, my heart sings, “I am not alone in this journey.” His words are simple yet profound, accurate, honest and applicable.” – Rod Marquette, pastor

“Mel has managed to engage the reader in the discovery of just who our Heavenly Father is and what His character and nature are truly like.” – Dan Notley, DTN Ministries

There will be special introductory pricing for both the Kindle and paperback versions that you should be aware of if you are interested in purchasing the book. The Kindle version will start out at $2.99 US until the paperback comes out, then it will go to $3.49 US. The initial price on the paperback is $8.99 US, but I also enrolled it in Amazon’s Matchbook program, so if you buy the paperback first you can get the Kindle version for $0.99. I’m not sure how long this initial offer will last but it will at least be a week or two. I will keep you posted on that.

I’m heading out of town today, so more to come next week. I pray you are blessed by the book. I would also appreciate your feedback and leave a review on the Amazon site. Blessings.



About Mel Wild

God's favorite (and so are you), a son and a father, happily married to the same beautiful woman for 37 years. We have three incredible adult children. My passion is pursuing the Father's heart in Christ and giving it away to others. My favorite pastime is being iconoclastic and trailblazing the depths of God's grace. I'm also senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in Wisconsin.
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13 Responses to My book, Sonshift, released on Kindle this week!

  1. Cindy Powell says:

    Whoo hoo! So glad I will be able to download it in time to take it on the plane with me. I feel invested in the process since I’ve prayed for your book off and on since the first time I commented that I hoped you’d be writing one 🙂 I’m very much looking forward to “getting inside your head” in this format. Congratulations!!!

    • Mel Wild says:

      Yes, I remember when you asked me if I was writing a book before I started writing the book! So you are invested in this process. Thanks so much for your prayer and encouragement. It has helped more than you know. Have a wonderful trip! Blessings.

  2. Congratulations Mel! That’s such a fantastic achievement 🙂 Will be looking for the download version.

  3. Yay!! You did it Mel! Congrats. Let the shift proliferate!

  4. What a blessing your book will be. Look forward to it.

  5. Mary Jane Kaufman says:

    Thanks for writing this, Mel!! I intend to share it with many of the people I know because I know it will change their lives as it has mine.

  6. paulfg says:

    Hi Mel, and it is available in the UK Amazon kindle store. I got it hoping it would not be a re-hash of your blog. It is not. The difference? Not your love, your relationship – it is like sitting around a campfire. Time is irrelevant. Magic is in the air. A story is being told. And the storyteller is not a storyteller. He is a real human being sharing a personal journey. His journey. One person and one travelling. Not yet halfway through – and so glad our blog connection piqued my interest to click on Amazon. It is a powerful traveling.

    • Mel Wild says:

      Thanks Paul. I really appreciate your comments. I really did try to make the book different than my blog, yet you will find a lot of the same subjects and thoughts that I’ve shared here, so it’s not an unfamiliar story. I like the description of sitting around the campfire. It is an invitation to hear a story, but a real story, my journey, then taking a look at how that journey has changed how I see everything else. Blessings to you.

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