Our Father delights in us

Good_FatherHappy Father’s Day. Yay dads!

My good friend, Mark Hendrickson, was with us last Sunday and led us into the Father’s heart in worship, so I’ve included a song as a supplement to Friday’s post, “Fatherhood and the Father’s love.”

I love how Mark pulls us right into the Father’s embrace on this first song of the worship set, inviting us to not just dip our toe in the water, but jump right in!  We’re finding out that we don’t have to beg God to meet with Him. In fact, He wants to meet with us way more than we want to meet with Him! We’re finally understanding that our spirit is already with Him in heavenly places, so all we need to do is connect our hearts to His love.

Did you know that your heavenly Father delights in you? He’s crazy about you. As David discovered, He can’t stop thinking about you! I wrote about that here and here.

Whether you’re a dad, a mom, a son or daughter, know that your heavenly Papa is just bonkers over you, and He can’t wait to welcome you home with a great big bear hug, and a smile so big it melts your heart and annihilates any possible doubt about how He feels about you. He longs for these precious moments with you.

ChildDancingonFeetDon’t let fear or sterile religion keep you in its prison any longer. Just come on in! Sit by the fire…rest your weary head on His lap…or get up and dance on His feet and sway around the room with Him, laughing and giggling all the way. Let your eyes be filled with endless childlike wonder as you lock onto His eyes filled with deep oceans of love! Feel the joy as you let His affections fill your heart.

If you need to get your mind wrapped around a God who could be this good, just declare these words over your soul…

I’ve got a good good God
I’ve got a glad glad Father
He’s got a happy heart
He delights in me

…sing it over and over again…let the words wash over you until they become your anthem song.

GoodNewsBlessing to you this Father’s Day. You truly do have a glad, glad Father. He’s actually got a happy heart and He delights in YOU! Let Him know how much you love Him today.

By the way, check out Mark’s blog and receive fresh encouragement and good heart-healthy food for your soul.

Let’s sing it again…”I’ve got a good, good God, I’ve got a glad glad Father…”

You are SO loved!

Song adapted from “Mercy is Falling” by David Ruis
© 1995 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing (Admin. by Vineyard Music USA)

Performance licensed through stream-full

About Mel Wild

God's favorite (and so are you), a son and a father, happily married to the same beautiful woman for 41 years. We have three incredible adult children. My passion is pursuing the Father's heart in Christ and giving it away to others. My favorite pastime is being iconoclastic and trailblazing the depths of God's grace. I'm also senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in Wisconsin.
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4 Responses to Our Father delights in us

  1. Lance says:

    “In fact, He wants to meet with us way more than we want to meet with Him! We’re finally understanding that our spirit is already with Him in heavenly places, so all we need to do is connect our hearts to His love.”

    We are still learning what it looks like to participate in His presence. Even in a revival culture we find formulas and processes. “Enter into the outer court with a praise song, inner court with worship song, holy of holies with chords only no singing…” Even good intentions can become a religious exercise if we are living from separation instead in union. That is why I love the simplicity of what you’ve said Mel. Really good stuff. Yay God!

    • Mel Wild says:

      Thanks Lance. And, yes, we’re beginning to shed our deistic mindset of separation. No more asking God to come down but, instead, to be made more aware of His presence. We’re beginning to actually believe it when we say, “IN HIM, we move and have our being.” 🙂

      • dawnlizjones says:

        THANK YOU for this reply. I’m so disconnected with that phrase “ushered into the presence of God”. He’s already HERE. It’s my capacity and positioning that causes any spiritual fog. So good to hear Mark’s voice again.

        • Mel Wild says:

          Yes, you’re right. We’re already in Him, and He in us. The only way the expression “ushered in” works is our becoming more aware of His presence already in us. His throne room is in us! Blessings.

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