The year of the double-double

5-7-7-5I was at a leader’s conference last week where Dano McCollam was sharing some things about the Hebrew year we’re currently in. This is year 5775 in the Hebrew calendar (year started last September).

He said he doesn’t normally pay much attention to these kind of things (neither do I),  but couldn’t help notice the significance of the numbers 5-7-7-5.

Let’s see what this could mean for us.

The number five represents grace. The number seven represents completion, divine perfection or God’s perfect work. With this year’s particular number pattern, we have a double completion of God’s perfect work surrounded by grace on both sides!

Let me say it this way. It’s not just a double-double year; it’s a year of double God’s grace as He doubly works His perfect work in us and for us!

It’s a year of the double portion.

Most of us know that Elisha received a double portion from Elijah. Indeed, Elisha did perform twice as many miracles as his spiritual father performed in his lifetime.

But, as Dano shared with us, there are doubles all over the Bible. I’ve provided links so you can see for yourself if you would like.

Exod.22:7-9  – For those who have been stolen from.

Deut.21:17  – For those who have not been fathered. The son of an unloved wife.

1 Sam.1:5 – For being so loved! (Hanna)

2 Kings 2:9 – For being faithful to serve prior leadership longer than required (Elisha)

Job 42:10 – For those who’ve suffered great trial and loss.

Isaiah 61:7 – Instead of shame and disgrace, double honor and provision and joy!

Zech.9:12 – Prisoners of hope will receive double restored to them.

1 Tim. 5:17 – Elders who serve well will receive double honor.

John 14:12 – We will do greater works than Jesus when we believe.

Everything with God is about increase and restoration.

I got a word from the Lord last December about this year (2015). He spoke to me that this would be a year of restoration.

Beloved of God, what do you need restored this year? Have you suffered the pain of loss or have you gone through great trials? Has the enemy stolen something from you?  Have you felt the loss of not being fathered (physically or spiritually)? Have you hoped for so long that you feel like a prisoner to it? Do you feel unloved, condemned, full of shame and disgrace? Look up! Hope in God! His mercies are brand new every single morning. Declare His great faithfulness over your soul right now.

“Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed,
Because His compassions fail not.
They are new every morning;
Great is Your faithfulness.
“The Lord is my portion,” says my soul,
“Therefore I hope in Him!” (Lam.3:22-24 NKJV)

Or like Elisha, have you been faithful to serve leadership, even when others have long left? Are you a leader who has been steadfast and faithful?

Please hear this. No matter what you think about yourself, you are the beloved of God! You are His highly favored one. You have a Father who loves you so much that He gave what was most precious to Him–Jesus–for you. In fact, He loves you as He loves Jesus. Stay in this place. Feel His embrace. Learn to live in this place of love. For from this place of rest, you will live a double-portion life, full of love, full of His joy and full of Him!

“I have loved you even as the Father has loved me.
Live within my love.
When you obey me you are living in my love,
just as I obey my Father and live in his love.
I have told you this so that you will be filled with my joy.
Yes, your cup of joy will overflow!” (John 15:9-11 TLB)

Receive God’s double-double portion of grace as He works His perfect work in you and for you in this season. All the promises of God are yes and amen in Him (2 Cor.1:20). You are SO loved!


About Mel Wild

God's favorite (and so are you), a son and a father, happily married to the same beautiful woman for 37 years. We have three incredible adult children. My passion is pursuing the Father's heart in Christ and giving it away to others. My favorite pastime is being iconoclastic and trailblazing the depths of God's grace. I'm also senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in Wisconsin.
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4 Responses to The year of the double-double

  1. Cindy Powell says:

    Amen.Love this–such good stuff.Been hearing a lot of the same confirming things lately–from lots of places (including what I hear Him saying myself). Especially been hearing that scripture from Zecariah 9 lots of places! Lots and lots of expectancy brewing–hope IS rising. Things have definitely shifted. Excited to watch His plans unfold!! 🙂

    • Cindy Powell says:

      Oops – I really CAN spell Zechariah!! 🙂

    • Mel Wild says:

      I agree. Expectancy is definitely brewing and hope is rising. Get ready for major upgrade! Also, I think the shift for a lot of believers will be a radical shift in how they’ve seen God and how they see themselves in Him. Many are still stuck in a religious orphan view of Christianity that has dominated the church for centuries. I believe that God is letting our old, mythological view of Him come crashing down. I think that’s why so many have gone through trials and tough issues in the past season. Some have walked away out of disappointment and even anger at God, but I don’t think forever.

      As my wife would say, the Decorator is here! When when He first comes to renovate, He may have to tear down a few things. It may look like a mess, even worse than before. But when He finishes the upgrade, it’s most glorious! Definitely exciting times to be living in.

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