Eight (good) signs of a “hyper-grace” church

hyper-grace-churchPaul Ellis gives a brilliant treatment and rebuttal on his blog (“Escape to Reality“) to a recent article in Charisma Magazine titled, “8 Signs of ‘Hypergrace’ Churches” by Joseph Mattera (Thank you Ben Kilen for the re-blog). Ellis gives his own eight signs of a healthy Hyper-Grace Church” in his article. And I would have to say, if those are the signs, give me hyper-grace any day!

I’ve written on this subject in previous posts, including “Is it hyper-grace or just God’s radical grace?” as I’ve seen this grace revolution continue to unfold and come to the forefront in the body of Christ today. This is a worthy discussion and should be discussed openly and honestly and not just dismissed or marginalized by using derogatory terms like “hyper-grace.” Unfortunately, we Christians tend to have this dysfunctional habit of labeling things we disagree with so that we can demonize them and dismiss them as heretical. Nothing has changed there.

In my view, the knee-jerk reaction and generalizing accusations by some in the faith community is both sad is misguided. Yes, there are always excesses and even false licentious versions of grace being propagated, but for the most part, what I’m seeing is a genuine restoration of undiluted grace coming from passionate followers of Christ. I see it bringing the true freedom for which Christ paid for on the cross and, frankly, it’s quite refreshing and glorious!

So, yes, there will be much discussion and debate and much said against this fresh wind of grace. But maybe we’re just hearing the mooing of another “sacred cow” in the barnyard of our deeply entrenched religious traditions. And just maybe it’s high time we left our “foolish Galatian” version of the gospel and started drinking from the bottomless wells of the pure and undiluted grace of God. Just a thought…  🙂

I highly recommend you read the whole article by Paul Ellis. I’ve included a portion of it here.

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!

8 Signs of Hyper-Grace Churches
February 7, 2014 by Paul Ellis
Charisma Magazine recently published an article entitled “8 signs of hyper-grace churches.” Using words like “decline” and “distorted” and “sexually immoral” the article argued that churches built on the message of “free grace” are part of a “dangerous trend” that needs to be opposed and confronted.

What does a hyper-grace church look like? According to the article’s author, a hyper-grace church is one where the pastor only preaches positive messages, doesn’t insist on tithes, and key members of the church are living in sin. Hyper-grace churches are also known for promoting immoral people into positions of leadership, and by refusing to engage in culture wars, they are effectively condoning abortion and the killing of babies.

Honestly, for spouting such libelous nonsense it’s a wonder Charisma Magazine hasn’t been sued into bankruptcy. That they haven’t surely speaks to the good grace and patience of those they slander. Read the whole article here

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2 Responses to Eight (good) signs of a “hyper-grace” church

  1. Eva says:

    Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention- I reblogged it myself! Your take on the issue is equally interesting 🙂

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