My “dearest” nomination

liebster-awardOkay, I don’t really care about awards, but I was nominated for the Liebster Blog award by Michael from A “Mike” for Christ today. Like others before me have said, I’m new to this blogging world and had no idea what this award is all about. But after doing some research, I did find out that Liebster means “dearest” in German. So, that’s cool. And I’m not normally into chain letter kinds of things, but this seems to be a really good way of sharing a little bit about who you are, let others find your blog, and let people know about other bloggers they may not be aware of that you appreciate out in the blogosphere. So, in the spirit of passing on the love and paying it forward, I accept!

I also want to take this opportunity to thank Michael for thinking of me. And you need to check out his blog,  A “Mike” for Christ too. He has some great insights and is a great writer.

From what I understand, to accept the nomination and help increase awareness of some great bloggers, I need to do the following variation of the rules:

  • Accept the award by posting the logo on your site, thanking and linking back to your nominator. One doesn’t have to participate, but what does it hurt?
  • Explain the rules of the award
  • Answering a set of questions asked of you by your nominator
  • Nominating 5-10 blogs you wish to recognize (with 200 WordPress followers or less), notifying them by commenting on their site and…
  • Interviewing your nominees with a set of 10 questions

Here are the questions Michael asked me to answer about myself:

What does writing do for you?

I am an external processor, so writing helps me to express what’s going on inside. In other words, it helps deepen the understanding of the particular revelation I may have lurking in my heart. And my hope is that those expressions can be a blessing to others.

What writer feeds your soul? Why?

It would practically impossible for me to pick just one! But a short list of contemporaries who have impacted my soul are C. Baxter Kruger, Bill Johnson, and Graham Cooke. Classically, Watchman Nee, C.S. Lewis and A.W. Tozer. These writers have helped me understand who I am, how the Father sees me, and my missional priorities on the earth.

What is the most fabulous excursion you’ve taken?

Personal excursion would be our last trip to Israel. We went everywhere this time, staying at Yad Hashmona with our favorite guide, Ari Bar David, and enjoyed great worship with the Messianic congregations in Jerusalem. Ministry-wise, my last trip to Russia working with Cornerstone rehab centers in Nizhniy Novgorod and other cities. Lots of physical healings, deliverance, salvations, and being able to teach in their Bible school. Can’t wait to go back!

What post of yours means the most to you? Why?

Hmmm…that’s a hard one. Probably, “When we see Him we find out who we are” because the encounter with the Father’s love that I was writing about impacted my life so profoundly.

What about you will be most instrumental in God’s eternal plan for you, whatever that may be?

According to several prophetic words spoken over me and what I know is in my heart, it’s to be an influence on a generation by representing and expressing the Father’s heart as a spiritual father.

What makes you cry?

Good crying–whenever I see unconditional love and grace and kindness shown to those in despair or feeling hopeless. And I have to admit, some of Maureen’s “chick flicks” can do it too. 🙂 Sad crying–seeing people treated like trash.

If your writing were discovered a thousand years from now, what would people learn about you, today’s world, and your interests?

I would hope my writing would encourage them to seek out the Father’s love through Christ for themselves. I think they would see I was living in a world where Christianity was going through a significant transition in how we see ourselves as sons and daughters and co-heirs in our Father’s Kingdom, and how that impacts how we are to relate to those around us.

Talk about meeting your favorite Bible character (not Jesus).

I would like to meet a lot of them. I don’t have a favorite, but would probably first want to talk to Paul and discuss his revelations and help me understand some of his crazy writing! 🙂

Describe your writing process for something that moves you deeply.

I can’t just write on anything. I need to be inspired to write. Ideas that move me usually come while I’m not thinking about writing at all, lost in worship, or from experiences I’ve had with others that touched my heart. Again, I am a processor. So, I’ll generally write down the basic idea, leave it for a day or so, then come back and continue processing my random thoughts,, Finally, editing before showing it anyone.

Describe your perfect meal and ultimate dessert.

It would involve any spicy ethnic food, or anything I can put hot sauce on. The dessert would be VERY chocolate oriented. My perfect world is Maureen’s Italian pasta (very spicy and hot) and chocolate truffle cake with some vanilla ice cream. 🙂

My Nominees:

There are so many blogs that I could recommend in my brief blogging history, but many would not qualify for this recognition because of the follower limitations. And I could list more than ten sites who do. But for now, I would like to present these ten sites. Some I have known for awhile, some very briefly. I have read, follow, and/or have had great conversations with them and have been blessed by their writings. While they’re all Christian sites, this doesn’t necessarily mean I agree with everything they might write about or believe. I’m not even sure if I agree with everything I believe! 🙂 Seriously, I’m okay with that if it ever becomes the case. We can always learn from our differences. All of them deserve a look. I hope that you’ll check them out. In no particular order, I nominate these blogs for a Liebster Award:

Kilen’s Spot
The Coffee House
The Mystery of Christ
Hey Sparky
The Theologizer
Vulnerability of the Heart
Beautiful Courageous You

Nominees, whether or not you accept the award, my hope is that it will bring you much deserved additional attention to what you’re writing. If you choose to accept, here is a slight variation to the questions I was asked that I’d like for you to answer in your post:

1. What does writing do for you?
2. What writer feeds your soul? Why?
3. What is your favorite subject (category) to write about?
4. What post of yours means the most to you? Why?
5. What about you will be most instrumental in God’s eternal plan for you, whatever that may be?
6. What are you most passionate about in ministry and/or life in general?
7. If your writing were discovered a thousand years from now, what would people learn about you, today’s world, and your interests?
8. Talk about meeting your favorite Bible character (not Jesus).
9. Describe your writing process for something that moves you deeply.
10. Describe your perfect meal and ultimate dessert.


About Mel Wild

God's favorite (and so are you), a son and a father, happily married to the same beautiful woman for 37 years. We have three incredible adult children. My passion is pursuing the Father's heart in Christ and giving it away to others. My favorite pastime is being iconoclastic and trailblazing the depths of God's grace. I'm also senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in Wisconsin.
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4 Responses to My “dearest” nomination

  1. Michael says:

    Awesome, Mel! It’s great getting to know you. I completely understand how writing is the outworking of deeper ‘going-ons’; and I totally get writing by inspiration. (That’s why you’ll see large gaps on my writing calendar: nothing cooking.) Have you written an entry on your ministry experience in Russia? I would love to hear more about that. In fact, American Christians need to hear more about the power of God at work.

    Love spicy foods, too, and I was laughing at your crying spells because seeing those type things choke me up, too. I’m a big baby when I watch talk show surprises for worthy individuals or folk expressing thanks to those who’ve helped them. I guess it registers with me because I so hope to bless others that way. Just awesome! I’m glad you accepted the ‘award’. Cheers!

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